Five different study programs are situated in Forssa campus. We have Equine business, Nursing, Sustainable Development, Bioeconomy engineering and International bioeconomy engineering. Nursing, and Bioeconomy engineering are also taught remotely while the equine business students starting in 2021 are full time remote students.

We can honestly say that our campus is one of the prettiest in Finland. The campus is located in an old spinning mill area. The mill was founded in 1847 and ceased operations in 1979. HAMK isn’t the only tenant in the mill area. Two museums, city library, cultural centre, kinder garden, a folk school, summer bar/cafe and restaurant-night club Status is located in the mill area.

To find HAMK’s quarters head to doors C and D as seen on the map. Parking on the campus is limited so recommendation is to come early, take a bike or walk. Unless you want a 20 euro parking ticket check where you park. Additional parking space can be found on the other side of the river, just don’t cross the dam to get there!

Student restaurant Kostholli offers student priced lunch, you can check the menu on Tuudo app. If you need coffee or snacks to get you day started visit Famko’s cafe on the first floor. Cafe is managed by the student association so using it helps us to help you. During the pandemic there was a very limited amount of teaching going on in the campus. But it allowed some renovations on our campus and last spring space named Agora was opened. Agora is meant for students to use for studying or just relaxing.

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