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According to Finnish law, there is a student union in every university of applied sciences. The Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences, a.k.a HAMKO, is a student-governed and effective force making sure that students’ voice is heard in HAMK.

The Student Union takes a stand and actively works as a supervisor of interests on all HAMK campuses in order to make HAMK an even better place to study. Supervision of students’ interests is carried out in many ways:

by representing students in HAMK’s internal workgroups,

by lobbying among the local decision-makers and

by taking care of the student representation for example in the school administration.

This guarantees a student point of view to matters concerning students.

Become a member

Hey HAMK student, join your own Student Union! All HAMK students studying for a degree can join HAMKO, also part-time, exchange, Study Path and master’s degree students.

You can join HAMKO online by filling an online form.

Student Union membership is a way of influencing things that are relevant to you, namely your studies and student life at HAMK. As a member, you can stand for election and vote in the Council of Representatives elections and apply for the Student Union’s Board.

By joining HAMKO, you will receive a student card, which is a proof of student status and gives you access to thousands of student discounts and benefits all over Finland. In addition to the plastic AMK student card, HAMKO members have access to Pivo digital student card.

Student cards

Student card is a sign that you are a member of a Student Union. HAMKO’s members have access to a plastic AMK student card and Pivo digital student card.

NB. Study Path students get a special Study Path student card, since Pivo and AMK student card are not available for them.

Member benefits

As HAMKO’s member you have access to thousands of student benefits all over Finland! Benefits are provided by Pivo, and Opiskelijan Tampere. There are permanent, seasonal and one-off benefits.

Our member benefits are easiest found on Pivo, so it is a good idea to start using the digital student card. Seasonal and one-off benefits can only be found at Pivo, which means that you must have Pivo Student Card.

You can also use the permanent benefits by presenting your AMK student card or a special student card for Path Studies students. If you don’t have Pivo student card, you’ll find a list of student benefits via

Benefits in Kanta-Häme region

Benefits throughout Finland (click on the map to see the student benefits of the city you want)

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