Forssa – City of parks

Forssa has a somewhat bad reputation amongst Finns but that reputation dates back to the 90’s and isn’t valid anymore. Nowadays Forssa is a sleepy little city in the middle of nowhere but in the middle of everything. With an hour and a half car ride or 2 hour bus trip you can reach Helsinki, Turku and Tampere so basicly three of the 4 biggest metropolitan areas in Finland aren’t too far off. 

Forssa has a staggering number of 110 parks within the city and that entity is known as a national city park. The amount of parks makes walking around the city relaxing which has been very useful during the pandemic. 

As mentioned earlier our campus is situated in an old spinning mill area. The spinning mill was founded by Axel Wilhelm Wahren in 1847. From that year out the city of Forssa started to grow around the spinning mill. Weaving mill was also established in Forssa and the first tram line in Finland was built between the spinning mill and the weaving mill. Tram that operated the line is on display outside the city library. Production of fabrics has ceased in Forssa but the mills are still here and have been repurposed.

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