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While we have talked about parties and the student restaurant you might want to hear about other opportunities for your tastebuds.

When it comes to cafeterias there’s some good ones that we can recommend Antin Konditoria, Jokioisten leipä and Voffelikaffila. 

Voffelikaffila is a new cafe trying to bring something new to the cafe scene in Forssa. The cafe is just a stone’s throw away from our campus. Waffles are really good and the service is first class. In additon to traditional toppings you can get waffles with pulled pork. Voffelikaffila have student discounts for HAMK students so make sure to show your student card. If you want to keep up with Voffelikaffila follow them on facebook.

Antin Konditoria is a bakery/cafe that offers quality products baked right in the middle of Forssa. The cafe itself is a very nice cozy place situated next to Vesihelmi. In addition to baked goods you can try out their own ice cream, its very good.

Jokioisten leipä is a bigger bakery that is in the neighboring town of Jokioinen, but it has a cafe right in the Forssa city square and has it’s products in supermarkets as well. A basic jelly donut from this place can be ridiculously cheap and as ridiculously tasty. For one school event we bought 70 donuts for like 30 euros.

When it comes to restaurants there isn’t too much to choose from but a couple good ones come to mind. Restaurant Gusto offers modern Neapolitan dishes and classic favourites. The pizza is baked in a certified Neapolitan oven and is honestly the best that we have ever eaten outside Italy. Restaurant Savanna near by serves classic pizzas with more falimiar toppings and with friendly prices.

Pikku Pistrina might have a name that is hard to spell by even a local but the restaurant itself is not hard to visit. If you feel to just pop-in for a coffee or have a quality lunch or dinner Pikku Pistrina can offer you that.

If you want some ethnic food or fast food, a couple places that you could try are Gurkhali and Musta Kissa. Gurkhali is a Nepalese place that is highly rated by locals and the lunch offer is a really good one. Musta Kissa offers pizzas, kebabs, chicken wings and vöners so even vegans can visit there.

Now we are getting to the drinking part. Let’s start with pubs. There’s a few where you can select, but here we are going to talk about two.

We’ll start with Hukka. Hukka is a centrally located very student friendly place. It’s a spot Famko uses when hosting game nights. Prices are low and student discounts are available, the mood is nice and downstairs has lots of room to play games or shoot some pool. For the most up to date information about Hukka check their facebook.

Couple bars that we are going to mention are Status and Koskenniska. Status is the nightclub that Famko holds most of its parties so this place will most definitely become familiar to those attending our parties. If you happen to visit this place during the day it turns out to be a nice restaurant.

Koskenniska is actually a hotel and it’s bar is called Rose, but everyone just talks about Koskenniska. Koskenniska has traditionally been the starting spot for Nesteralli and we try to hold at least one party there each year. If you feel like singing some karaoke, head to Koskenniska and you can stretch those vocal cords. 

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