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For a town the size of Forssa there are a couple of interesting festivals and events. 

For the 2022 the most interesting is Kuninkuusravit, it’s the biggest yearly horse racing event in Finland. Kuninkuusravit 2022 are held at the end of July so if you happen to be in town at that point you might want to go see the races. The place for the event is the local horse racing track Pilvenmäki.

While Kuninkuusravit goes to different place every year Pilvenmäki still holds dozens of races each year. In addition to horse racing Pilvenmäki holds other events as well one of which is a year event called Pick-Nick. Pick-Nick is a car show for customized cars. Some of the cars in there are just wacky and some really cool.

Forssa even has it’s own festival called Holjat. The festial is over 30 years old and it’s held at the city square at the beginning of august. During the day market is open with program for all visitors no matter the age including panel discussions about Forssa. During the evening the festival turns to music from Finlands top recording artists.

If you are interested in movies Forssa has a festival for you too. During the last week august the silent movie festival is held in Forssa. The festival is the longest standing silent movie festival in the Nordic countries. The 2021 festival will be the 22nd time the festival has been held. 

The place for the silent movie festival is mostly around the oldest still working cinema in Finland – Elävien kuvien teatteri. The theater was founded in 1906 and it’s been modernized so you can visit the cinema even when you want to watch regular movies. Despite the modernization the cinema still holds the classic feeling and atmosphere so we can recommend this one. Of Course the cinema has student discounts. 

If you don’t care about the atmosphere and want to go to a bigger cinema there’s Bio-Kaari at the edge of city square. The thing about going to the movies in Forssa is that the movies are usually available for a short amount of time. So if something you want to see is available go check it out when you still can.

If you care about following professional sports there isn’t much to choose from but the most competitive levels of sports are in women’s basketball, men’s ice hockey, men’s basketball. Women’s basketball team Forssan Alku competes at the highest level in Finland. Ice hockey team FPS competes at the second highest level in Finland. Men’s basketball team FOKOPO competes at the second highest level in Finland.

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