Student stories

Yougikkumar,  24
ICT in Bioeconomy Engineering, International group
From India.

Unfortunately, I have not moved to Forssa yet and currently staying in Helsinki. I have been in Forssa for a few times once we had our contact lessons at campus in Forssa. I found this town very welcoming and beautiful. I also enjoyed seeing my classmates here. It is very peaceful, but charming place to live. I hope to move in here someday too.

Elmo, 20
ICT Bioeconomy Engineering, Finnish group
From Helsinki, Moved to Forssa in Autumn 2020

I’ve been enjoying my time in Forssa for the past year, things have been really calm here. Rent prices in Forssa are very cheap compared to the rest of Finland so I have more money to be spent on other things. Forssa may not be the best possible offering for different kinds of free time activities but public transportation to Helsinki only takes 2 hours and the bus goes very frequently through Forssa. In winter I mostly played outdoors hockey but when the weather gets warmer you can go play Disc Golf, Football or the Finnish national sport pesäpallo if you get enough friends and equipment. 

At first I was little bit worried about moving to such a small city but in the end I have been enjoying my time here. 

Viivi, 20
Equine business student since 2020
From Kaarina

Before moving to Forssa I thought of it as a nice little town and that image hasn’t changed. All the shops are in the city centre just a little walk away and I do well without a car.

Local liquor stores have a bit of a strange selection, but the service is very good all around. I have fallen in love with all the little shops in Forssa because their staff is always so nice.

Suvi, 22 years old
Nursing Student 2019
Originally from Huittinen, now living in Tammela

Before moving here my picture about the area wasn’t that good but it has improved a lot during my time here. Tammela is a very nice place. It’s a peaceful area where nature is always close by. I have liked studying in Forssa.

Noora Taipale, 28 years old
Sustainable development
Moved to Forssa from Vaasa

Before starting my studies, I knew almost nothing about Forssa. I went there first time when I took the entrance exam and after that i came here to look for an apartment  before the studies start. 

I think Forssa is just the right sized small city, with all the main services within reach. The distances are short, so you can easily move on foot and by bike. Living here is also affordable and there are opportunities for hobbies.

My favorite things in Forssa are Vesihelmi, large park areas, flea markets and a central location between big cities. Overall, this place has been a positive surprise and I have enjoyed it here well for the first two years of my studies.

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