Recycling is a big thing in Finland compared to some other countries. Nearly all households do some kind of recycling. The reason for separating your trash is that it really cuts down on your needs to empty the bins. Cardboard, plastics, biodegradables, paper and metals are easy to separate from others and all large buildings must have a bin for some of these so check your apartment buildings recycling bins. Most likely you will find one for paper – labelled “Paperi” or “Paperinkeräys”. Second most likely is biodegradables labelled “biojäte”, some buildings also have one for metals labelled “Metalli” or “Metallinkeräys”. Cardboards and plastics aren’t yet collected from apartment buildings but you can find big units collecting these outside big stores Citymarket, Prisma and Tokmanni. FAMKO has also partnered with local recycling company Loimi-Hämeen Jätehuolto oy to make sure you will get information on how to recycle. So check their website at . Unfortunately they don’t have web pages in English yet.

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