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One of FAMKO’s maintasks is to arrange student events. The day for student events is usually wednesday. We have a few traditional events that happen every year, Tursajaiset, Nesteralli, Allasbileet and Talvirieha. 

Tursajaiset is an event held for first year student in the beginning of fall semester and it just might be the funniest one. Allasbileet – Pool Party is the wettest student event in HAMK. Pool Party is ofcourse held at the local swimming hall Vesihelmi. The event includes dj, competitions and whatever we come up with. Pool Party is usually hosted in late november or early december.

Nesteralli – Liquid Rally is an event that has been held almost yearly for a few years now. Ofcourse this Rally doesn’t have an oil company sponsoring it nor is it raced with cars. Nesteralli is an event where participants go and visit every pub, bar and drinking establishment around Forssa. Talvirieha – Winter happening is a non-alcoholic outdoor event held during the snowy season and it includes a multitude of outdoor winter activities. For a few years FAMKO has also hosted game nights at our partner Pub Hukkas basement. These events have included, board games, bingo, pub quiz, beer pong and other activities. 

Most of the events mentioned earlier were not held during the past semester. But COVID-19 brought some remote events to our selection including Twitch streaming which me might be continuing as early as august before the semester begins.

FAMKO also arranges bus rides to student events that are held at other campuses. At FAMKO’s 2021 board we have two event managers Silja Lähti and Kasper Vuorinen. You can always make suggestions and give ideas to them.

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