Flea markets in Forssa

Reuse and recycle!

By buying consumables second-hand, you support the environment and save some money. There are flea markets in Forssa that are worth visiting and have good customer service. Popular and large Kirppis-Kellari is located in Tölö. There are for example clothes, children’s clothing, home goods, and various items on the sales stands. Atmospheric Rento Kirppis and idyllic Sattumankauppa ja entisöinti shop are located almost next door. If you fancy vintage decor, you should head to the last one. 

You can also take part in the circular economy by charity based thrift shops. There are Forssa’s Pentecostal church’s Hope of the city and The Southwestern Cancer Assossiation’s Forssa’s division’s Solukko in the center of Forssa. These two thrift shops also accept clothing and products that are in good condition as donations. 

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