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Welcome to Forssa!

Forssa is one of seven HAMK campuses and has about 500 students (2021). From those 500 less than half study here daily and full time. This fairly small amount of students in normal times gives our campus a special kind of wipe. That wipe is about a sense of unity and community. After a short while you can tell who studies what and tell the difference between a nursing student and a sustainable development student by sight. 

’Forssan ammattikorkeakoulu opiskelijat FAMKO ry’ or simply Famko is your local student association that is here to make sure that we have some free time activities and parties. Also Famko looks after your student interests locally as a partner to student union HAMKO. 

To help you get acclimated to your new surroundings in Forssa Famko has created this guide. This guide covers three themes; student life, Forssa & freetime, and housing & living. We have also included our recommendations of local companies that we have found to be student friendly and reputable quality businesses. Some of these businesses are now our partners.

Theme 1: Student life
Student association FAMKO
Student events
Student union HAMKO
Student overalls
Student stories

Theme 2: Forssa and freetime
Forssa – City of parks
Parks and nature
Eat and drink
Local events

Theme 3: Housing and Living
Building maintenance
Electricity in Finland
Wifi and internet
Do’s and dont’s
Useful words
Working in Finland

Student life >>

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