This part is focused on playing sports and places where you can exercise. If you want to follow sports check the article about recreation.

Unfortunately we don’t have our own  gymnasium but HAMK offers us two, one hour long turns per week at the local secondary schools gymnasium. At those turns we have played floorball, indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball and badminton. Floorball and indoor soccer are more popular and frequent. The level of play is not that high in any of these sports, playing is more about having fun than competing. No matter how bad you are in any of these sports you can join and in a couple of months you will be surprised how much you have improved. To get updates about gymnasium turns and other sports activities in Forssa follow HAMK Forssa liikunta on Facebook and Yammer.

Other organized sports that we have played regularly are pesäpallo(Finnish baseball) and ice hockey. To play the first we usually need a bigger crowd so we can usually play it only once or twice a year. The latter requires a good winter which we haven’t always had, but when we haven’t had that snowy winter HAMK has reserved us some time at the local rink. For both of these sports we have equipment to borrow. 

When it comes to individual sports let’s start with what HAMK offers us. Vesihelmi is the local swimming hall where you can go twice a week with only 2,5 euros. At Vesihelmi you can go to the gym or/and swim. When going in ask for HAMK’s list and write your name and class on it. Another individual sport that HAMK offers us every year is yoga. It’s a special service that is bought from a private provider so we get it only a couple of times a year. 

Publicly available free exercise opportunities outside include, tennis, cross training, parkour, disc golf, athletics field. If you just want to run and don’t want to do it on the sidewalk or athletics field Forssa has a couple of tracks in the forests which are converted to ski tracks during winter.

Forssa unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of information in English on it’s website but if you want to know more about these sites don’t hesitate to ask our board members. Kasperi Vuorinen is our boards sports organizer.

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