Since we never plan to be sick, its good to know ahead of time what your options are for healthcare in Finland. If you have paid your sudent healthcare fee to Kela, then you are insured by the finnish government regardless of your nationality. More information on what this insurance includes can be found from the Finnish Student Health Service – FSHS. Forssa’s main health station’s address and contact information can be found on their website. It is reccommended to make an appointment if possible to avoid waiting in the lobby. Additionally, there is an urgent care facility and hospital in Forssa.  

Health stations are usually where one goes to get a checkup, a normal doctors visit, and/or basically any non-emergency/ non-severe medical attention. In case you need an ambulance, the emergency number to dial is 112. If you need an ambulance, you will be brought to a hospital, which is where one goes for intense medical attention such as emergency care, surgeries, and medical attention that requires larger equipment like x-rays and other scans. 

If you have not paid your student healthcare fee to Kela, then you can still go to healthcare stations. Whether or not your are covered by insurance will depend on your own situation. If you have a registered hometown (kotikunta) in Finland or are an EU citizen you are entitled to the same healthcare as Finnish citizens. The general fee for visiting a health station is ~16 €. If you do not have EU citizenship, a Finnish hometown, or private insurance from your home country that will cover you in Finland then you have to pay the full price of the medical care.  

Students under FSHS can get free dental care from FSHS clinic in Hämeenlinna. If you have urgent care needs you might have to go to a municipal dental care clinic which costs about 50 €. 

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